What does it mean to be a 21st century British woman of South Asian heritage?

Gender, culture, ethnicity and religion are more prominent in Western headlines than ever before. Every cultural background seems to have its own expectations on what a woman should do/say/be – what career to aspire to, what age to be married by, what her role in society should be. So what happens when a woman finds herself navigating the intricate balance between different cultures? And how does that affect her identity and her future?

The rise in significance of ‘intersectional feminism’ has seen the ‘Black Feminist’ movement grow, and inspired by this, two British South Asian women have created S.A.S.S. – South Asian Sisters Speak. We hope for it to become a community of British South Asian women who can connect through common experiences and interests; to foster a safe environment to share and support one another in navigating the highs and lows of sometimes conflicting and confusing cultural expectations and experiences. 

~ Sheetal & Shirin ~